Training courses

Démonstration Cérabine 3Training courses are comprised of two stages.
– A day of modelling (hand building technique)
– a day glazing and firing (raku technique)
For the initiated, it is possible to take part just in the second stage of the glazing+ firing to improve your existing skills.


1.) For the complete formula : modelling + glazing + firing :
150€ + 10€ for the membership(support) to the association.

2.) For the glazing + firing raku :
60€ + 10€ for the membership (support) to the association..
This formulua is for the initiated who only wish to become familiar with the raku technique. You bring your items only for the firing but you don’t participate in the modelling stage.

Clay, firing, glaze included in the price.
To be planned : a shared meal (lunch)



Usually two courses a year (in Autumn and in Summer).
I can also provide training courses tailored to your requirement : dates to be determined according to the needs and availability of the group and according to my availability. Courses either during the week or at the week-end.

Do contact me to be informed about the bext course planned : subscribe for a course.