My career as a ceramist.

I started ceramics in 2000. I attended a weekly workshop in Toulouse. Within the group, a common need and interest emerged. We worked twice on the event called « a kiln, a bowl ». This event takes place each year in November and demonstrates quick firing in small kilns (50 cm3 maximum). It is aimed to initiate and test, and it gave me the opportunity to consider ceramics globally : the final target is to fire, ceramics is the art of firing.

Since 2005, I’ve had my own kiln. It allows me to work and experiment by myself. I am exploring a specific technique : the raku (speed firing, see raku explanation).
I had my first exhibition in July 2001, and since then, I frequently show my work. I have worked for the « maison de l’environnement », teaching ceramics for children aged between 8 and 12, and I am also organising training courses. (see training course).